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For more than a century, the exclusive Italian-style jewelry of Bulgari—inspired by Greek and Roman art forms, gracing our silhouettes—enthused the 1990s grand diversification that established Bulgari Parfums in Switzerland. The high-top Alpine country capturing the high-end perfume market. Alluring and captivating, like its fragrances Voile de Jasmin, Aqua, Pour Homme, Omnia and Rose Essentielle. "Eau" so classic. Luxury at its peak. Shout it from the mountain top!
Currently carrying seven fragrances for women and six for men—including Burberry Weekend, Burberry Touch, Burberry London and Burberry Beat The Heat—Burberry, the British luxury fashion line, made its imprint on the world of perfume with its 2003 release Burberry Brit. The sugar and spice scent that embodies the playful London-chic spirit has, along with its sister scent Burberry Brit Red, since won a Fifi award, been Burberry’s most lucrative fragrance, and like many of the collectors item-like bottles, sports the iconic Burberry or haymarket check created in the 1920s to line their ubiquitous line of classic men’s and women’s trench coats.
Jean Bousquet, the fashion-forward French creator of the Cacharel brand in the mid-1960s, pioneered the blouse design that eliminated “pointed darts,” creating natural and feminine fashions. His seersucker blouse, featured on ELLE’s front cover in 1963, launched his international career and catapulted his mass-market appeal. French women began asking for the “Cacharel” shirt in stores. Cacharel fragrances garnered equal attention. In 1978, Cacharel released its first fragrance, Anais Anais, still considered one of the most popular perfumes in today’s market. Promesse, Loulou, Eau d’Eden, Nemo and more followed. The 2007 Liberté fragrance campaign signed Brazilian-born Gisele Bündchen, signaling a fresh focus—like the small bird, Cacharel, from the Camargue region—for Cacharel's later scents for the hip, youthful and freedom-seeking crowd.
Through the tremendous success that led the brand that bears his name to fame, Calvin Klein has held tight to what defines him as a designer—youthfulness and boldness: In 1982, Klein took men’s underwear from function to fashion, designed masculine bikinis for women, and in the early 1990s, following the launch of perfumes Obsession and Eternity, Klein forayed into fragrance royalty by introducing the first unisex scent, CK One—inspired by the growing equality between young men and women
Like mother, like daughter? As a little girl, the Venezuelan-born María Carolina Josefina Pacanins y Niño—one of four daughters whose roots date to the 1500s under Latin American aristocracy—played on her family hacienda among a colorful, scent-filled floral garden, inspiring her signature Carolina Herrera fragrance and, later, her creation of one of the most popular and recognized perfumes of our time: 212. Herrera’s daughter and namesake, Carolina Adriana Herrera, joined her mother in the fragrance world to work on 212. The elder and “Best-dressed in the US” Carolina Herrera began her ready-to-wear fashion line in the 1980s at the age of 41. Herrera is adulated for her sophisticated day and evening wear, designing for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis during the last decade of Jackie O’s life.
Hailed by the Prince of Wales, Edward VII, as “Joaillier des Rois,” the "jeweler to kings," three brothers—Louise, Pierre and Jacques—supplied jewels and bobbles to the royal courts of England, Europe and beyond. World-renowned for their fine artistry and exquisite jewels and watches, Cartier earned an impeccable reputation. Louis Cartier is credited with creating the first wristwatch for men in 1904. New product lines breathed youth and innovation into this prestigious dynasty in 1973, including perfumes stamped with the Cartier name. Its first fragrance, Panthere De Cartier Perfume, was introduced in 1986. Pasha followed—a line for men inspired by Louis Cartier's friendship with the Pasha of Marrakesh.
Cigars, cigarettes, Davidoff? The pure pleasures of a life led simply, Russian-born Zino Davidoff enjoyed it all with prized humor. The Davidoff philosophy—“the good life”—embodies his perfumes. Pure, complete scents—Adventure, Cool Water, Silver Shadow—are the ultimate sensual experience by Davidoff Parfums and essentials for the worldly. "Very Zino," Davidoff was a lover of good taste, beauty and elegance. He lived the Davidoff mantra, "No one gets a second chance to leave a good first impression."
The Italian equivalent of Levi's, Diesel is a globally renowned clothing, fragrance and lifestyle brand headed by entrepreneur Renzo Rosso. Diesel unapologetically exploded into the hub of the international fashion world in the mid-1980s and quickly established itself as a forerunner in the trend-setting youth markets. Diesel attire is durable, fun and fashionable and their fragrances are vibrant and youthful.
Donna Karan is a brand that consistently balances comfort with luxury. The creator of wrap skirts and the trademark bodysuit, Karan is a woman who knows women, a quintessential connoisseur of practical. Donna Karan New York, founded in the mid-1980s, sold its burgeoning and successful fashion house to LVMH in 2001. The first DKNY perfume, Be Delicious, was a tribute to New York’s “The Big Apple” and debuted in 2004 as an apple-based fragrance in an apple-shaped bottle. Several hip and apple-licious scents followed for men and women, all crisp hits with the young, urban crowd: DKNY, Cashmere, Donna Karan Gold Sparkling, DKNY Be, among others.
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